With our catalogs, we intend to make known the range of products that we manufacture and commercialize to the whole world, through the production of low voltage cables, of copper and aluminum, for energy transport and distribution. We focus mainly on the production of cables for indoor use, industrial power cables, twisted overhead cables, cables with electromagnetic protection and high security cables.

Cables For Indoor Use
Cables indicated for the transport of energy in the domestic or industrial scope, such as kitchens, offices, portable devices, household appliances, office equipment, among others.

Industrial Power Cables
Flexible and rigid cables for use in low voltage power distribution in fixed indoor and outdoor installations. These cables can be used in fixed installations in the air, intubated, and / or buried in ditches, protected or not.
Industrial flexible power cables are distinguished by their flexibility and ease of handling.
Depending on the application, they may be resistant to rodent action, impacts or crushing.

Twisted Overhead Cables
Specially developed for air installation on overhead lines extended between supports and lines based on facades. Excellent resistance to external agents, such as ultraviolet rays.

Cables With Electromagnetic Protection
Used in fixed signaling, command and measurement installations or for fixed power installations for auxiliary services.
These cables can be applied in transformer stations and are suitable for electrical circuits that need protection from electric or electromagnetic fields.
They can be mounted outdoors, on gutters, pipes or buried in ditches.

High Security Cables
Cables specially indicated for installation in places with access to the public or homes where the degree of security is to be increased. These cables have properties against the spread of fire, emission of fumes, toxic and corrosive gases. Good resistance to low temperatures, chemical agents, solar radiation and mechanical stress in general.

In addition to the entire range of cables that we present in our catalogs, ALCOBRE has the capacity to develop the various proposals that comply with the most demanding technical requirements that are requested by customers.